Team Parent

Thank you for volunteering as team parent. We couldn’t do it without you.  RYBA holds a Team Parent meeting at Hembree Park in early March to provide discount cards, Braves Day order forms, coupon packets, car magnets, etc… and answer questions.

Below are some helpful tips…

Discount Cards

Discount cards provided at Team Parent meeting in early March.  Set collection date and encourage players to participate.  All players are asked to try and sell cards to support RYBA .  Card money should be collected and brought to Hembree Park at the end of April.

Braves Day

Distribute ticket order forms and information pack.  All orders along with payment should be brought to Hembree Park a week prior to the game.  It’s important to submit all requests together to ensure block seating at the game.  RYBA hosts a free tailgate in a parking area close to the stadium.  All players and coaches will also participate in a pregame parade that lets everyone walk on Turner Field before the game.


Distribute the snack schedule along with the team roster. Encourage families to switch with each other if they can’t make their scheduled day. Do not include the coach since he/she has his/her hands full with the team’s equipment. Ask parents if their child has any food allergies and if so notify the team.


Please ask your coach if they need help with uniforms. Some coaches prefer to do it themselves but many could use the help. If so, here is how you can help. Size the shirts for the kids Ask the coach if he/she wants their FIRST or LAST name on the shirts.

Dugout Duty

Your coach may want parent assistance with this or assign this job to his/her assistant coaches.  Please ask their preference.  This can correlate with snack schedule if you wish. Encourage families to switch with each other if they can’t make their scheduled day.  Emphasize safety. No swing of bats, no siblings, no wrestling or climbing on fences are allowed in the dugout.  Put catcher’s gear on the child and have them ready to take the field. Help with batting order (if needed). Clean out dugout after the game.


This is the home team’s responsibility.  Talk to your coach about this. He/she may have someone in mind. If not, ask someone on your team if they would like to volunteer to do it all season.

Scoreboard Consoles

This is the visiting team’s responsibility. Scoreboard consoles should be set up at the fields prior to the first game of the day.


Picture Day for the Fall season will be Saturday, March 26 2016.  Email will be sent out with picture schedule as soon as the Recreation department receives it.  An email will go out letting you know when and where to pick them up as well.

End of Season Party

Collect money for a coach gift and decide on a location to have brief celebration and recognition of players.  Gifts cards usually are popular.